God Speaks! “Toronto, Ontario”

We have learnt how God speaks in so many ways including dreams, visions, and the bible. We prayed and asked the Lord for confirmation to continue serving in Texas or guide us where He needs us. We were surprised to hear God’s calling to Toronto! It started with a dream where God tapped us on the shoulder while we were standing on a map praying for direction. Soon confirmation was popping up, even in a magazine article! We know one thing for sure- God’s next step for us is Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

God has given us a special passion for Science and Technology. God has called us to pray protection and blessings over the great frontiers being conquered in Toronto, especially in the medical research field! Toronto is one of the most diverse urban centers in the world. And the innovations and treatments being developed in Toronto are ground-breaking to human health! Yet the spiritual climate in Toronto is very dark, especially towards Chtistianity. Psalm 103:2-3 reads, “Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all His benefits- who forgives sins and heals all your diseases.” We know God wants to heal His children and we believe He is using scientists in Toronto to bring about His healing, to cure diseases, and to show His love and care for humankind. We are so excited to join God where He is working- bringing healing and better quality of life to individuals and families throughout the world.


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