We got schooled in School of Evangelism

We were so blessed and honored with exceptional training and mentorship in our School of Evangelism (SOE)! After completing the 5-month Discipleship Training School (DTS) at Youth with a Mission (YWAM) in Tyler, our leaders advised we continue on with 5 months of School of Evangelism (SOE) training. We prayed and sensed that God had something special to teach us in YWAM’s SOE program, and did He ever!

lecture phase
Our 3-month lecture phase covered many topics including Biblical Worldview, Leadership, Apologetics, different styles of evangelism (sharing God’s message of forgiveness and salvation), politics, history, and world geography. What great preparation to help see nations transformed as individuals are shaken and restored by God’s gospel of peace! We could ask life’s most difficult questions and really address any hinderances to being completely devoted to Christ. During this time, we even headed out to the Republican National Convention in Florida and the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina, taking in lectures in the mornings and then heading out for street evangelism in the afternoons. It was a tremendously fruitful and empowering time despite a severe stomach illness passing through our team! Thank-you for all your prayers for our health!

outreach phase
Then after finishing up our three months of lectures our small family took a 7-week outreach to Alamogordo, New Mexico and Houston, Texas. Other members of our SOE class had a great time in South-East Asia. Daniel directed, shot, and edited a short promotional video for the “Building Blocks” program at the YWAM’s Pregnancy Help Center in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Candice helped in the office and met with some of the pregnant women. God love is deeply and permanently affecting the young women who are ministered to at the Pregnancy Help Center. We saw their entire lives change direction when
they received unconditional grace, compassion, and mentorship
during their most stressful time of unplanned pregnancy! God taught
us theoretical and practical training in our personality differences
and how we complement one another. We know God was trying
to get our attention when, the personality types by Gary Smalley
were taught to us BOTH our last day in Alamogordo, and then again
by a different team our 2nd day in Houston!

At YWAM Houston we were assisting where needed in the office and
joining in prayer and ministry on the streets. The young and old,
battered and addicted, poor and confused are all showered with
love, care, and truth at the weekly Montrose Street Reach. In Houston God showed us how to always start, strengthen, continue, and finish each project in prayer.

We were tested and stretched to take on more leadership and more responsibility during SOE. We had to learn how to overcome our pride and disbelief by leaning into Jesus! Christ’s grace brought us through all our adventures. Thank-you so much to everyone who supported us through prayer during our very challenging SOE! Thank-you so much to all who gave so generously to financially support us, either with monthly contributions or 1-time gifts! Praise God, all our tuition was paid and we received support for our outreach needs just when we needed it! Even a timely gift covering unexpected costs arrived right on time! God is such an excellent provider! Praise God for all the transforming work He did in our lives as we joined His work transforming the communities of Alamogordo and Houston!



One thought on “We got schooled in School of Evangelism

  1. It is wonderful to know that God is directing your path and you are hearing His instructions and acting upon it. Praise Him for revealing Himself to you both. Our prayers are with you. Ray & Jeen

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