God may have closed a door but He opened MANY windows!

While in Toronto we met twice with the YWAM Alternatives Network director and his wife. It was a great time of fellowship and open sharing of our vision and theirs. We discovered many differences and quite a few similarities. After some time of prayer they informed us that they didn’t feel they can provide to us the time, leadership, mentorship, or large team we would best benefit from. When we heard this door closed we were determined NOT to become discouraged, especially little Ēlie. She was full of praise and worship as we walked away from our last meeting with them. And Daniel quickly realized “We thought things were looking great with the YWAM Alternatives Network, so just imagine what even better things God has planned for us!” Candice started singing an old song from The Continental Singers, “He Opens a Window” (A song from “The Dreamer” record Candice’s parents used to play all the time!) Part of the lyrics of this song are: “When God closes a door he opens a window, a window, He opens a window so I can see, He’s working it out, the very best for me, He opens a window just for me” The YWAM Alternatives Network connected us with some fellow YWAM missionaries in Canada, the Korean team ministering at the University of Toronto in downtown Toronto, the YWAM Nexia director (mobilizing new missionaries in Canada), and the YWAM Canadian Leadership team member responsible for the approval of new YWAM Operating Locations in Canada. The more we pursue our vision, the more obvious it becomes that we may be starting a whole new ministry and Operating Location in Toronto. We could already see some light pouring in through windows of hope in a new direction. A few hours after this meeting and apparent change in direction we met with a great pastor from Toronto, Jim Christie. He had a lot of great contacts with Christian medical professionals who are already ministering in the Toronto hospitals! Praise The Lord! Then right after Jim Christie left our meeting we met a young lady working in Tim Horton’s who was excited to connect us with her brother-in-law who is an evangelist in the hospitals in downtown Toronto! We are now certain that God is opening many windows and shining lots of light into our future direction. With so many new leads and contacts, our next question is simply, who do we contact first? We also had a chance to see the city, investigate the downtown housing market and grocery prices, and pray for the city ofToronto and the medical professionals working there. We noticed a surprising wink from God when we got home to find a birthday card waiting for Daniel which read, “When God closes a door He opens a door somewhere, Happy Birthday!” We know God loves us and cares about our future and the decisions we make. We’re starting to think He might also have a sense of humor! Thank-you so much for all your prayers and support!
Picture: Downtown Toronto made entirely of Lego!


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