Fast Rolling in June

We have SO much to share! God revealed his next steps for us in preparing us for Toronto. God’s showed us our need for more leadership training and experience with a large team before we head out to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He spoke to us, through prayer, of a plan for us to spend 9-months in Tyler, TX starting June 1, 2013 as mobile staff with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Tyler. What a privilege to see some of God’s future plans for us and our ministry!! Also, God showed us, through a great mentor, how we can start ministering even now to all those around us. We can begin doing this by sharing through our writings and conversations the connections God shows us of Christ’s involvement in Science and Technology, and where Science and Technology can be used to bring forth God’s kingdom and glory. We have applied as staff with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Tyler and we received our acceptance Friday, May 31. We headed to Tyler, TX just 2 days later on Sunday, June 2! We feel such encouragement and excitement as we experience God’s plan for us unfolding! We signed up as new staff and have spent the last week and a half looking for housing and getting introduced in our respective departments. Daniel is assigned to Ministry Information Systems (MIS, in other words, the IT Department) and is like a fish in water. I (Candice) have been working in the YWAM Tyler Preschool and I really love all the kids and the opportunity to teach them God’s truths in such a fun and enriching environment! It’s also pretty awesome to be spending the day with our precious little Ēlie! Already we are seeing some of the great connections God has for us here in Tyler! We met a couple of Medical professionals in one YWAM Tyler dorm that God has hinted to us may make some really great teammates for us as we head to Toronto! Daniel’s boss Todd Robinson shares a vision for wanting to see Technology used in Ministry and is even developing a new Technology Missions ministry. And a third connection God has brought us was just yesterday when we met a women who works with her husband to see Health and Wellness training used to bring God’s healing and health to people! We can’t wait to see what becomes of these ministry connections God has brought us! The 8th sphere is starting to take form…

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