A Time to Give Thanks for Life

On Monday our Canadian family celebrated Thanksgiving. And it’s such an appropriate season to give thanks, not just for bountiful harvest, but for the gift of life we have each day we share together. In the last two months we’ve witnessed so many families say good-bye, as their loved ones went to be with Jesus. Our neighbors lost a wife/ mother/ grandmother after a long battle with cancer. Last Wednesday our Youth With A Mission Tyler community celebrated the end of 4-year old Phoebe Fair’s short yet world-changing life after 2 years of cancer. And one week ago we remembered that it’s been 2 years since the passing of our precious 4-month old niece, Annika. Times like these remind us to be grateful for each other and for every day of life God has given us together! I’m inspired to see those around us memorialize the lives of their loved ones with such dignity, joy, and honor. Not forgetting those who have passed on, but treasuring all the memories in their hearts as they grieve and grow. They live in celebration of life, filled with fullness, purpose, vitality, and excitement in every day. Most importantly filled with peace, knowing their eternal destination with their Savior. I often see it best modeled in those who are aware of how short life is because of terminal illness, but can’t be brought down by death because they are already being lifted up to heaven. Of course, that’s what we want for all of us.

Celebrating life and dignifying death is an integral role of 8th Sphere Missions. We want to see Science and Technology used to cure terminal diseases (namely cancer), to connect families, to improve quality of life, to deepen faith and personal experiences with Christ. This isn’t just about the cool new toys or the elite sounding and complicated instrumentation. It’s not just about the Science and Technology. It’s about what relationships Technology cultivates, Who Science points to, and how both Science and Technology can be used to express Christ’s love.

So we give thanks today for family, for the innocence of children, for the wisdom of elders, for the support of community, for the beauty of nature, for the combining of minds to explore Science, for the unique creativity in each Technological advancement, and for the Maker of it all.

Love you, God bless YOU!
Candice and Daniel and Ēlie Sellers


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