Heading North at High Speed

Written Feb 20, 2016

Our trip through the NE states is going awesome! God’s been providing for us in miraculous ways each day. We’ve had all the food, accommodations, gas, and even a little sightseeing all covered as we’ve gone along. 

We’re here to build new relationships and find future ministry (prayer and financial) supporters. So far we’ve met many people with a real excitement for our new ministry. Quite a few people have expressed a desire to support us financially. 

We had the opportunity while in DC to see the Smithsonian museums. We’re gonna try to check out Valley Forge and the liberty bell while here in Philly. Ēlie is very excited about seeing the Statue of Liberty in NYC next week. We’ve been learning a lot on the road. We even got to stay in a BEAUTIFUL historic home in Laytonsberg, Maryland built in 1785. 

My favorite part so far has been the opportunity to pray and worship and read the bible at David’s Tent on the National Mall in DC, right next to the Washington Monument. The bible reading sign-up is open to any visitors and the podium was free for a brief time while we were there, so I asked if I could join in. It was really cool because the passage they were at on their reading log, the passage I read while there, was the same passage I had just read at home. (and how often does one read Judges 3-10??) David’s Tent is a 24/7 worship tent with the purpose of praising God and seeking God’s will for the USA. 

We’ve been meeting many really great people everywhere we go. I’m especially amazed at the immediate family-like connection we found at the Cornerstone Fellowship Church last night. Ēlie is having a great time, enjoying lots of family togetherness. Last night she was given a huge bag of craft supplies from a complete stranger, it is enormous! This evening Ēlie requested to have her first communion here at the house we’re staying at. It was really sweet and meaningful. She was incredibly excited, which was very unexpected to me. 

Our plan is 4 more days in Philadelphia, then 5 days in NYC, then 2 days in North Tennessee, then a few days in Nashville on the way back to Dallas for our final stop in Tyler, TX for a conference before getting back to Houston for a couple weeks to regroup and grab our furniture and moving truck so we can head on up to Toronto. So, we’ll probably reach Toronto late March or early April. 

This has been a much more rewarding and blessed trip than we had even hoped or imagined!

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