God’s in Charge as we Slowly head South

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” Proverbs 16:9

This prophetic verse was given to us last week by a dear friend. We had a course planned; our course has required change. While we expected to reach Tennessee by the evening of March 1, we now won’t be leaving Pennsylvania until at least March 6. Due to illness, we have been delayed in our travels. But we didn’t have to cancel any speaking engagements: they cancelled on us, right before we got sick!? We’ve been surprised, relieved, disappointed, and yet comforted by the way God is changing up our plans. We may not understand His ways, but we trust him and His ways completely. We are entirely convinced that the Lord has us slowing our Southern descent back to Texas for His purposes. What an honor it is for us to serve Him! And what joy have we found being in His will, even in sickness. We confidently know that any plans God is steering us away from, are plans we don’t want to follow, anyway. 

As we rest and recover from the flu, we pray for our loved ones, who struggle with major health concerns. Daniel’s mom continues her four year battle with Stage 4 Cancer, receiving chemotherapy three times a month. Candice’s dad is currently in hospital with renal failure, a blood infection, and gallstones blocking his gallbladder. 

When we heard about Candice’s dad, and the change of plans in Tennessee, we prayed and thought it would be wisest to rush back to Houston by March 3 and prepare for a flight to visit him in Canada. Instead of heading South more quickly than planned, we are moving slower due to our own sickness. But we are grateful for God’s sovereign leadership in directing our steps, slow as they may be. For we might think He needs us in one place, but He know exactly where we’re needed to be today. And today we are in Hershey, Pennsylvania. 

We have already met a young hotel staff member who is attending the local Christian College and is excited about our ministry and the opportunity to connect us with the other students at his school. Ēlie anxiously shared one of our prayer cards with a kind waitress at the hotel, seeing things from a much simpler perspective than us. Each day we will continue with our slow and ordinary yet blessed lives, washing laundry, recovering from sickness, connecting with ministry partners, and looking for more divine appointments Christ has for us right where we are. 


2 thoughts on “God’s in Charge as we Slowly head South

  1. I carried a card with the picture you used with this post in my wallet for over a decade before finding someone who needed it more than me 🙂 We’re praying for you … hope to see you in Calgary this summer!

  2. Not sure we’ll be in Calgary this summer (this post is actually from 2 years ago, we suck at blogging! LoL). It’s been crazy and tough these last 2 years and we’re a bit traveled out right now. Enjoying settling in at home and work with YWAM in Toronto this year. If we do make a trip Calgary way, we’ll have to get together!

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