Our Adventure in the North East

Written: Wednesday, Feb 24, 2016

Our trip through the NE states is going great! God’s been providing for us in miraculous ways each day. God’s amazingly provided all the food, accommodations, and gas as we’ve gone along. We’re here in the North East to share the vision God’s shown us for Toronto and the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) sphere of influence. We also want to build new relationships and find future ministry, prayer, and financial supporters. So far we’ve met many people with a real excitement for our new ministry. Quite a few people have even expressed a desire to support us financially. Besides sharing with many churches and individuals, we had the honor of sharing our vision for ministering to and through the STEM fields to a Digital Media class at the University of Valley Forge!

We had the opportunity while in DC to see the Smithsonian museums. On Monday we drove through Valley Forge and today we saw Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell while here in Philly. 

Our daughter, Ēlie, is very excited about seeing the Statue of Liberty in NYC in a few days. We’ve been learning a lot on the road. We even stayed in a BEAUTIFUL historic home in Laytonsberg, Maryland built in 1785!

My (Candice) favorite part so far has been the opportunity to pray, worship, and read the bible at David’s Tent on the National Mall in DC, right next to the Washington Monument. David’s Tent is a 24/7 worship tent with the purpose of praising God and seeking God’s will for the USA. The bible reading sign-up is open to any visitors and the podium was free for a brief time while we were there, so I asked if I could join in. It was really cool because the passage they were at on their reading log, the passage I read while there, was the same passage I had just read in my quiet times this week. (And how often does one read Judges 3-10?) 

We’ve been meeting many really great people everywhere we go. I’m especially amazed at the immediate family-like connection we found at the Cornerstone Fellowship Church last Friday in Audubon, PA. Daniel has most enjoyed the conversations we shared in Durham, NC with a bright engineering student. This young man shared our passion for Christ, the STEM fields, and seeing the STEM fields used to glorify God and further His kingdom. 

Our plan is to head to Allentown (PA), New York City, North Tennessee, Nashville, Dallas, Tyler, Houston, and then finally TORONTO! ‭‭So, we’ll probably reach Toronto early in April. Of course all this is subject to change. As a friend recently shared with me, Proverbs 16:9 says, “We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.” We are so blessed to have the Creator of this world as our best friend and leader. This has been a much more rewarding and blessed trip than we had even hoped or imagined. 
Written: Friday, March 18, 2016

What rich blessings we have found on our road trip! We connected with YWAM missionaries in New York City and made wonderful new friendships in Allentown, PA. Ēlie had a blast playing with her new friends in Allentown and then in NYC. Us adults especially enjoyed the beauty of spring’s first flower buds, the beautiful countryside, historic industrial buildings, and manicured horse pastures near Lexington, KY. 

The last leg of our trip was some of the most exciting times we had on the road. We had a beautiful opportunity to share the vision we’ve been given with a Spanish-speaking church in North Richmond Hills (Dallas/ Ft Worth area). What a unique experience it was sharing with a translator. What we expected to take 15 min to share took over 30 min. Candice and Ēlie enjoyed sharing their respective piano and ballet talents with that congregation after Daniel finished sharing on our calling and mission. We were even invited to share with the youth group at that same church two days later. It was a really special time of sharing personal testimonies and encouraging the youth to engage deeper into relationship with the Lord Jesus. 

The Inspire conference we attended in Tyler last weekend was excellent. It was sweet to say goodbye to old friends and meet some new friends as well. 

Overall, we are just amazed at all the blessings the Lord has given us on our faith-adventure. We departed with no money, no bookings, and only one contact in Philadelphia. Yet, as we traveled Christ faithfully provided all our financial needs and most importantly the right people in our path whom we could share God’s vision for 8th Sphere Missions with. Our family has grown closer to the Lord and to each other. We are looking forward to our next steps with much anticipation and excitement! 

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