The 8th Sphere refers to the 8th “Sphere of Influence”, which we believe is Science and Technology. At Youth With A Mission (YWAM) we have learnt about the importance of ministering into 7 main “Spheres of Influence” that greatly influence a society. Those 7 spheres are Religion/ Church, Government & Law, Arts & Entertainment, Education, Business, Media, and Family. Although Science and Technology (and the rest of STEM) can be squeezed into a few of these other spheres, we believe God is revealing to us the great impact the Science and Technology industry has on society, not just in Business, Education, Government/ Law, but also impacting all other spheres! Because of the great impact of Science and Technology and the inability to limit these industries to just Education (scientific study and research) or just Business and Government (some applications of Science and Technology), we believe the 8th Sphere of Influence is essential to seeing nations transformed for Christ.

We (Daniel and Candice Sellers, as well as our young daughter Ēlie) are new missionaries, with a passion for using our gifts, talents, and experiences in Science and Technology to bring forth the Kingdom of God. We are a missionary family, learning together, traveling together, and ministering together. We have trained with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Tyler, Texas.

Daniel is a “techie”, having worked with computers and film in various career fields such as computer sales, Apple computer repairs, film direction, editing, gaffer, and grip. Daniel was ministering as Community and Outreach Pastor at our small local church from 2009-2011. Since joining Youth with a Mission (YWAM) Daniel’s IT, technology acumen, and administration skills have been extremely useful with every team we help in every city! His favorite hobby is studying films with his closest friends and family. (But no talking during the film!) 😀

Candice is a Medical Laboratory Technologist with a specialty in Medical Research and Flow Cytometry (individual cell studies by high-speed flow). She has also volunteered in children’s ministry every year since she was 10 years old. Candice is enthusiastically enjoying motherhood and the household duties of parenting a small child. Candice has brought her willing heart to help wherever needed in each location we are serving! She also is talented in music, accounting, and writing. Her favorite hobby is the piano and she’ll happily bless you with a recital anytime you want (just provide the piano) 😀

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